Molly Wassenaar Photography | About
I love to create photo sessions surrounded by beautiful scenery, and full of fun and playfulness.  Children tossing rocks into the river and listening to the "plop" sound it makes, or chasing the tides and giggling when it catches them.  Little girls dressed in their best twirly dresses dancing in a meadow, or laying in a field of flowers watching the sunset.  My main objective is to create a classic, timeless piece of art that can be enjoyed in my client's home now and for many generations to come.  The best results come from a relationship of trusting and collaboration. I have been so lucky to have such amazing clients to help me create these works of art. 
Photography has been a passion of mine for most of my life. It started for me in high school.  I had always been pretty artistic, but something about photography just “clicked” for me.   My high school photo teacher was a huge inspiration, with his magical tales of adventure and passion for capturing the perfect landscape photograph.  I spent a great deal of my early years shooting all the great places in California with a 4x5 camera and b&w film.  With no particular destination in mind, I would go on spontaneous road trips to discover new and beautiful places.
These days I am just as obsessed with photography as ever, but now my world revolves around my two amazing little girls.  Watching my precious daughters discover the beautiful places that I love is probably my favorite thing in the whole world.  And if I happen to capture a nice photograph in the process… even better. ;) 
Molly Wassenaar