I love to create photo sessions surrounded by beautiful scenery, and full of fun and playfulness.  I want families hugging and loving each other, and forgetting I'm there to capture it.    I want children tossing rocks into the river and listening to the "plop" sound it makes, or chasing the tides and giggling when it catches them.  I want little girls dressed in their best twirly dresses dancing in a meadow, or laying in a field of flowers watching the sunset.  And when all the grown ups pause and stand back a little, the kids will show us how beautiful they really are.  
I began my photography journey 20 years ago, back in a time when photography looked a lot different than it does today.   Saying that I feel like an old granny in a rocking chair, telling all the young-in's about the good old days.  That's fine. I shot clanky old film cameras and developed b&w film in my school's darkroom.  I look back at that time so fondly... I just loved watching my prints appear like magic in the developing tray, with Pink Floyd blasting over the radio, and kids buying sheets of paper for a quarter.  Oh the memories. 
These days I am just as obsessed with photography as ever!  My small portrait photography business continues to grow each year.  My daughters are now 9 and 11, and you will likely see one or the other along on my sessions to assist me, and help make the babies smile!  I am grateful every day that I get to do what I love to help support my family.
Molly Wassenaar